Sabian Symbols of Gemini


There are list of Gemini

sabian symbols image l gemini 01

GEMINI1:A glass-bottomed boat in still water.

sabian symbols image l gemini 02

GEMINI2:Santa Claus filling stockings furtively.

sabian symbols image gemini 03

GEMINI3:The garden of the Tuileries.

sabian symbols image gemini 04

GEMINI4:Holly and mistletoe.

GEMINI5:A radical magazine.

GEMINI6:Drilling for oil.

sabiansymbol image gemini 07

GEMINI7:An old-fashioned well.

sabian symbols image gemini 08

GEMINI8:An industrial strike.

GEMINI9:A quiver filled with arrows.

GEMINI10:An airplane falling.

GEMINI11:A new path of realism in experience.

sabian symbols image gemini 12

GEMINI12:A Topsy saucily assertingherself.

GEMINI13:A great musician at his piano.

GEMINI14:A conversation by telepathy.

sabian symbols image gemini15

GEMINI15:Two Dutch children talking.

sabian symbols image gemini16

GEMINI16:A woman suffragist haranguing.

GEMINI17:The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality.

sabian symbols image gemini18

GEMINI18:Two Chinese men talking Chinese.

GEMINI19:A large archaic volume.

GEMINI20:A cafeteria.

GEMINI21:A labor demonstration.

サビアンシンボル双子座22 sabian symbols image  gemini22

GEMINI22:A barn dance.

GEMINI23:Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.

GEMINI24:Children skating on ice.

GEMINI25:A man trimming palms.

GEMINI26:Winter frost in the woods.

GEMINI27:A gypsy coming out of the forest.

GEMINI28:A man declared bankrupt.

GEMINI29:The first mockingbird of spring.

GEMINI30:Bathing beauties.


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