Sabian Symbols of Taurus


There are list of taurus

sabian symbols image tarus 01

TAURUS1:A clear mountain stream.

sabian symbols image  taurus2

TAURUS2:An electrical storm.


TAURUS3:Step up to a lawn blooming with clover.

sabian symbols image Taurus04

TAURUS4:The rainbow’s pot of gold.

sabiansymbol image taurus 05

TAURUS5:A widow at an open grave..

sabian symbols image  taurus06

TAURUS6:A bridge being built across a gorge.

sabian symbols image taraus 07

TAURUS7:The woman of Samaria.

TAURUS8:A sleigh without snow.

サビアンシンボル sabian symbols imageTaraus 09

TAURUS9:A Christmas tree decorated.

TAURUS10:A Red Cross nurse.

Sabiansymbol image Taurus11

TAURUS11:A woman sprinkling flowers.

サビアンシンボル山羊座12 sabian symbols image tauras12


sabian symbols image taurus 13

TAURUS13:A man handling baggage.

サビアンシンボル sabiansymbol image Taurus14

TAURUS14:Shellfish groping and children playing.

sabian symbols image Taraus 15

TAURUS15:A man muffled, with a rakish silk hat.

サビアンシンボル牡牛座16 sabian symbols image taraus 16

TAURUS16:An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries.

TAURUS17:A battle between the swords and the torches.

sabian symbols image tarausu18

TAURUS18:A woman holding a bag out of a window.

TAURUS19:A newly formed continent.

sabian symbols image taraus20

TAURUS20:Wind clouds and haste.

TAURUS21:A finger pointing in an open book.

TAURUS22:White dove over troubled waters.

sabian symbols image  taurus 23

TAURUS23:A jewelry shop.

TAURUS24:An mounted Indian with scalp locks.

TAURUS25:A large well-kept public park.

TAURUS26:A Spaniard serenading his senorita.

TAURUS27:An squaw selling beads.

sabian symbols imageTaurus 28

TAURUS28:A woman pursued by mature romance.


TAURUS29:Two cobblers working at a table.

sabiansymbol image taurus 30

TAURUS30:A peacock parading on an ancient lawn.


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