Sabian Symbols of Virgo


List of Sabian symbols!

sabian symbols image virgo 01

VIRGO1:A man’s head.

sabiansymbol image virgo 02

VIRGO2:A large white cross upraised.

sabiansymbol virgo 03

VIRGO3:Two angels bringing protection.

VIRGO4:A colored child playing with white children.

sabian symbols virgo 5 サビアンシンボル乙女座5

VIRGO5:A man dreaming of fairies.

sabian symbols image Virgo 6

VIRGO6:A merry-go-round.

sabiansymbol image virgo 07

VIRGO7:A harem.

sabian symbos virgo 8

VIRGO8:First dancing instruction.

sabiansymbol image virgo 09

VIRGO9:A man making a futurist drawing.

VIRGO10:Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.

VIRGO11:A boy molded in his mother’s aspiration for him.

サビアンシンボル乙女座12 sabian symbols image virgo12

VIRGO12:A bride with her veil snatched away.

sabian symbols image virgo13

VIRGO13:A strong hand supplanting political hysteria

sabian symbols image virgo 14

VIRGO14:A family tree.

sabian symbols image virgo 15

VIRGO15:An ornamental handkerchief.

sabian symbols image virgo16

VIRGO16:An orangutang.

sabiansymbols virago 17

VIRGO17:A volcano in eruption.

sabian symbols image  virgo 18

VIRGO18:An ouija board.

sabian symb ll virgo 19 サビアンシンボル乙女座19

VIRGO19:A swimming race.

sabiansymbol virago20

VIRGO20:An automobile caravan.

sabian symbols image  virgo 21

VIRGO21:A girl’s basketball team.

sabian symbol virgo22 サビアンシンボル乙女座22

VIRGO22:A royal coat of arms.

VIRGO23:An animal trainer.動物の

VIRGO24:Mary and her white lamb.

VIRGO25:A flag at half-mast.

sabian symbols image virgo26

VIRGO26:A boy with a censer.

sabian symbol virgo 27

VIRGO27:Grande dames at tea.

sabian symbols images 27

VIRGO28:A bald-headed man.

VIRGO29:A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading.

VIRGO30:A false call unheard in attention to immediate


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