Aries 10 degree meaning . Van Gogh’s horoscope and Sabian symbols.

Me and Gogh’s pictures

My dad liked painting and was a hobbyist oil painter. When I was in kindergarten, I remember the smell of oil for painting. Also, I remember seeing a canvas on an easel and a wooden palette with various paints.As a child, they looked extraordinary and nice to me.

At that time, my father was drawing a copy of Fragonard’s “The Girl Reading”. I also remember that the original painting had grid lines.

There were several square boxed picture books by Iwasaki Bijyutusya at my house. There were Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Delacroix, Manet, and Gauguin and Van Gogh.

I looked at these picture books over and over again. At that time I liked No. 1 Monet. But I didn’t like it as much as Renoir. Van Gogh is ok. In his work, I liked the portrait of Grandpa Tanguy and Van Gogh’s bedroom.There was a self-portrait with a bandage in Van Gogh’s self-portrait and I was wondering why this person looks like this I was wondering.

After that, when I was able to read the letters, I was surprised to find out that he was a self-portrait after cutting off his ears. This was a shocking image.

I wonder what kind of feeling he had when he was painting these paintings.And at that time I think I had the experience of touching the inside the hart of the this artist. I realized that the artist’s heart was connected to the expression of painting.

This article is based on this book.

Van Gogh’s horoscope

Ascendant and MC

Ascendant is Cancer. He wants to actively engage with family and friends.
He wants to create a secure community with friends that feel like famiry. He was very  so sensitive and desire to support to others. Or he interacts with the world through his relationship with his mother.
Ascendant ruler is in Sagittarius. He aimed to make friends who can discuss about philosophy and religion. There is Sagittarius ruler Jupiter near the moon, and the ideal thoughts and beliefs have too much energy to devote to his life. Ascendant is Cancer and ascendant ruler is in Sagittarius, these would overlap with trying to create a community with Gauguin and artists.

MC is Pisces. Pisces is a deeply emotional sign. He was given talents that keen intuition and psychic abilities to build career. His MC suggest that he builds his career through spirituality, art and religious and charity activities. When he was a missionary, he tried to save the underprivileged people.

The sun and other planets

The sun is in Aries and the theme is to develop with intuition without hesitation. In Aries’s life, there’re many failures, but they have to move forward. The sun is at 10 house, so he behaves proactively in social activity scenes.

Mercury is also in Aries. His idea was very symple and hasty. He didn’t have  a lot of patience. He had a special idea that a sharp intuition and desire to act quickly.

The sun is no aspect, so in order to make it shine, it is necessary for Van Gogh to gain his own experience and create his own uniqueness.

The Pisces Venus Man had worthy of being united with a wonderful sacred thing. He was very selfless person in their relationship and pleased that the emotional boundaries with his opponent melt.

Mars in Pisces,too. He had wanted to be a minister to help poor people for a time. He wanted to He wanted to serve a purely sacred god.

He was very passionate about philosophy and religion. mars square Jupiter, His power was hard to control.

Saturn, Uranus, Pluto in Taurus. Pluto stayed in Taurus from 1852 to 1884. 
This era was just the time of the Industrial Revolution, when the economic system changed to mass production. There are also many great artists. It will be a generation that has renewed the physical sense and created unprecedented works of art like craftsmen.

Saturn in the 11th house shows challenges within the group or friensdship.
Pluto is power that we sesk, so he might have unknowingly forced a forcing friendship. His friends felt suffocated  by his Pluto. 

Or the 11house is future house, his power has a strong influence on us today.

Uranus and Pluto are conjunction in taurus, It can be said that the generations with this arrangement are those who have changed their economic, artistic, and physical sensations.

Neptune is Pisces. Pisces create empathy space to each others and connect to that which feels most sacred. Neptune maximizes the power of Pisces. Now,2020, We, who live in the present age, also feel the strong power of Pisces.

Van Gogh’s life

Van Gogh’s father and grandfather were ministers. He was born in a religious environment. At the age of 16, he started working at the painter Goupil & Cie with his uncle. I think Van Gogh sees a lot of paintings at this time. I think he felt art and economy.

After that he goes wrong with his boss and uncle and experiences a big broken heart. As he became more lonely, he began to find salvation in Christianity, aiming for his grandfather and father to become the same priesthood.He started studying for the entrance exam in the Faculty of Theology, but gave up.Because he was so hasty and wanted to help someone in need right now. He felt that desk learning was useless.

But to help others, it’s important to take good care of yourself first. Is it really happy to help others at the expense of yourself?

Van Gogh tries to become an evangelist who can serve immediately.

During the period of use, he preached to the miners. He crushed himself and worked passionately. However, it is judged that it is not suitable.

Looking at his horoscope, the moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius are enthusiastic about religion, Venus and Mars in Pisces are the power of dedication, and the sun and Mercury in Aries are hasty.I think he didn’t harmonize with his passion and the feelings of those around him.

In addition, Van Gogh fell in love with a relative woman and proposed to him, but his father, he was a minister, refused.Her father, who was a religion and thought he would understand him, did not accept him at all.This experience led him to hate secular Christianity, which departed from the essence of Christianity.

There was a zealous desire for God in his heart and a hatred of the hypocritical religion in the world. I think these two strong actions helped the source of Van Gogh’s art.

After this event, Van Gogh quarrels with his father and then leaves the house.He meets the prostitute scene and begins to love her.Van Gogh’s love is to “accept and share all those who are lonely and sad,” and religious sacrifice is also love.

She had a child and was pregnant with a child with another man.But Van Gogh accepted all of her. At that time, he was sent by his younger brother Theo, but he gave birth to her.

Van Gogh has planets in Sagittarius and Pisces.Sagittarius is united with a burning belief, and I think it’s okay to burn in the end. You can die for your beliefs. Pisces really wants to help people in need.

He set aside himself and genuinely wanted to sympathize with the troubled and help him from the bottom of his heart. But sometimes I think that enthusiasm is also expected in return.

Sabiansymbol reading for Gogh

絵でわかるサビアンシンボル ゴッホの出生の10天体

Pluto TAURUS1:A clear mountain stream.

Neptune PISCES13:An sword in a museum.

Uranus TAURUS7:The woman of Samaria.

Saturn TAURUS16:An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries.

Sun ARIES10:A man teaching new forms for old symbols.

Jupiter SAGITTARIUS25:A chubby boy on a hobby-horse.

Mars PISCES27:A harvest moon.

Moon SAGITTARIUS21:A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.

Vinus PISCES29:A prism.

Mercury ARIES26:A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.

Sun ARIES10:A man teaching new forms for old symbols.

A Theme that first half of Aries is how to use abstract energy. To use energy need to know about geometry. Geometry is tool to connect to gods. I think that there are many gods like Japanese Shinto. God is omnipresent.

It is associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world.

This man who in this sabian symbol teaches about connecting to gods through through sacred geometry. He knew a traditional hidden knowledge that energy system. Some of famous sacred geometry influenced the human energy field and bridge between the higher and lower realms. Lower realms are material world, on the other hand, higher realms are invisible world like a ether body.

Van Gogh’s later paintings do not paint material. It represents a swirl of energy that rises around an object or that fills the atmosphere.

The Starry Night is an oil on canvas painting by Dutch Post-Impressionistpainter Vincent van Gogh. Painted in June 1889, it depicts the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise, with the addition of an imaginary village

Moon: SAGITTARIUS21:A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.

This is a sabian symbol of learning and extending philosophy and spiritual learning. 22 degrees is suggested impossible everywhere, so this symbol is expressed a enthusiasm and aspiration to learn beyond your physical strength and ability.

A third is still too pure to grow. It is also a symbol that he can experience various hardships and mistakes along the way.

Jupiter:SAGITTARIUS25:A chubby boy on a hobby-horse.

サビアンシンボル射手座25 sabian symbo image Sagittarius25
sabian symbo image Sagittarius25

Jupiter means an expansion, development and belief. Since the Savian symbol is a fat “boy”, it is still growing. This Savian symbol is a fat boy, so he will grow up in the future. He has the ideal of wanting to live bravely on a horse in the future.In this ideal, he strives to be a brave and versatile superhero.

Maracury:ARIES26:A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.


Aries is very loyal to his desires and will not hesitate to get what he wants.They don’t hesitate to get what they want. As a result, I was able to get a lot of gifts that I could give to others. It is a symbol that gives back to the surroundings that everyone is happy and energetic.

Since Mercury and Jupiter are at 120 degrees, their beliefs are overwhelming, aiming for a stronger religious spirit. And he is intrusive and gives that idea to others.

Van Gogh is famous for writing a tremendous amount of letters to his younger brother Theo. He had too much to tell.

Venus:PISCES29:A prism.


The prism divides the sunlight into seven colors. It is an optical device that is used in cameras. The prism is colorless and transparent.

Given this image, the meaning of this symbol is very pure. And there is nothing hidden in my heart. The person who has this symbol lives in a pure world that is not a worldly world.This symbol expresses the simple energy of the universe and God in various ways. Van Gogh values ​​living by receiving the light of the sun god.

Mars:PISCES27:A harvest moon.


Autumn is the harvest season. That’s why I drew the moon on the rich wheat field.

The new moon is sowing seeds. Since it is a fish seat, we sow the seeds of the vision, not the actual seeds.

It seems better to forget it after sprinkling it. And when I forgot, it is a symbol that the embedded seeds grew beyond expectations and reached the harvest.

This symbol has the strongest image power. The talent to envision the ideal future image is wonderful.

It is thought that the end of Pisces is preparing for reincarnation.
This symbol can be said to be a symbol that keeps dreaming that the next incarnation wants to experience this.

Puluto:TAURUS1:A clear mountain stream.

sabian symbols image tarus 01
sabian symbols image tarus 01

This Sabian shows that the talent inherited from his ancestors is flowing purely and purely.Because of the strength of hereditary talent, there is a great deal of power to follow that trend. The mountains are big and rise above the ground, and humans feel very tiny. 

However, the ability was constantly flowing in my small self, and Van Gogh thoroughly used that power by drawing pictures.Pluto was discovered in 1930, so it didn’t exist when Van Gogh was born, but later on, it seems that Pluto implies his unique artistic talent.

Uranus:TAURUS7:The woman of Samaria.

sabian symbols image taraus 07
sabian symbols image  taraus 07

This symbol is a biblical story. The Samaritans were said to have been despised by the Jews. Meanwhile, Jesus, a Jew, goes to Samaria and meets this woman at a well. Jesus tells her she wants water. She is surprised. It is said that the Jews did not receive food or drink from the Samaritans. Also, it seems that he never called out to women of different tribes, and Jesus went beyond “taboo.” She finds out in conversation that he is Jesus, knows the concept of “living water”, and knows that she is dry.

I think that various symbols are woven into this Bible, but if you superimpose Van Gogh’s way of life, cohabitation with the prostitute scene seems to overlap with this Jesus beyond taboo.

Beyond social discrimination and taboo, engage and save lonely and sad people. I feel that this aspect is working in Van Gogh’s way of life.

Saturn:TAURUS16:An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries.

サビアンシンボル牡牛座16 sabian symbols image taraus 16
sabian symbols image taraus 16

16 degrees is the frequency at which the Taurus character is weakened.

The shadow of Taurus, which has not been seen until now, is drawn out and reconstructed.

Taurus was chasing what was visible, but here he began to focus on invisible emotions and energies.

When matter is divided into the ultimate, in quantum theory, it is said to be both a wave and a particle. This symbol is a symbol that realizes that the concept that makes up matter is ambiguous.

The wisdom of Taurus is nurtured in the body, so it is not something you learn in textbooks like you would in school. That’s why it’s hard to teach it to others. Craftsmanship must be stolen and learned.

Neptune:PISCES13:An sword in a museum.


At Ishigami Jingu in Nara, a sword called Futsunomitama sword is enshrined as a god. Since ancient times, it has been thought that swords have spiritual power.

This symbol can be seen at any time as the sword is stored in the museum. It is not buried in an old burial mound.

Because it is a sword, it means masculine aggressiveness, action, combat, and logical thinking.

However, since this symbol is also Pisces, we use the power of this sword in the world of images.

In the old days of Japan, there was a famous magician, Seimei Abe. He was a master of demon extermination.This symbol has the power to fight in such an invisible world.

The sword is “strength”. Such sharpness, hardness and strength are longing for.  Also, the sword is a magic tool even if it is a western magician’s tool. You can cut off the filth in the world of invisible energy.

The toughness that continues to exist purely. Consistent presence. … Van Gogh was driven by such an ideal.