Yuki Yoshida
Astrologer /Tarot reader /Certified professional co-active coach
Sabian symbols reader

I have been a tarot reader and Astrologer since 2008.

About 15 years ago, I went to a workshop to draw a picture of the Sabian symbol by Kiyoshi Matsumura who is famous astrologer and Athor. At that time, I experienced the fun of drawing 10 Sabian symbols by my birth chart.

When I tried to draw pictures about my sabian symbols that my sun,moon,mercury,venus,mars,jupiter.saturn,uranus,neptune,pluto,
Some sabian symbol could imagine easily for me but some sabian symols could not imagine.

If we want to understand the mening of sabian symbols, not only we learn by words, but also we need to have experiences that feeling and imaging by drawing. So I think two ways are the way to understand the true meaning of sabian symbols.

I had made 360 sabian symbols images in 2017, because I thought that images would help us to understand meaning of sabian symbols deeply.

Also, from 2019, When I use the Sabian symbol,I incorporate Akashic Record Reading and the evolutionary astrology by Jeff Green.

You can see your Sabian symbols that your natal sun ,moon・・・・and pluto.

If you are born in Japan, you can calculate it for free and you can understand your Sabian symbols with pictures. Im very sorry,I am creating a calculation page for people born outside Japan.


My sabian symbols

my sabian symbols
my sabian symbols

VIRGO28:A bald-headed man.

SAGITTARIUS2:The ocean covered with whitecaps.

LIBRA10:A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.

TAURUS30:A peacock parading on an ancient lawn.

GEMINI27:A gypsy coming out of the forest.

SCORPIO29:An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.

AQUARIUS19:A forest fire quenched.

ARIES27:Lost opportunity regained in the imagination.

GEMINI8:An industrial strike.

GEMINI23:Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.

​​Sabian symbols 360 images picture book(Japanese version)is selling

sabian symbols images books
サビアンシンボル sabian symbols images books

I made the books Sabian symbol 360 images ! ! !
 Book details are in this page!

I had three exhibitions with my Sabian symbol prints at Iwasaki-Musiume in Yokohama

I had a exhibition that “Tarot cards and Sabian Symbol Exhibition prints” @ Iwasaki Museum in 2016 More

I had a exhibition that “Tarot cards and Sabian Symbol Exhibition prints” @ Iwasaki Museum in 2017 more→

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