Sabian Symbols of Sagittarius


List of Sagittarius

sabian symbol image Sagittarius01

SAGITTARIUS1:Grand army of the Republic campfire.

サビアンシンボル射手座2度 sabian symbo image Sagittariuss2

SAGITTARIUS2:The ocean covered with whitecaps.

サビアンシンボル射手座 sabian symbo image Sagittarius03

SAGITTARIUS3:Two men playing chess.

SAGITTARIUS4:A little child learning to walk.

sabiansymbol Sagittarius05

SAGITTARIUS5:An old owl up in a tree.

SAGITTARIUS6:A game of cricket.

SAGITTARIUS7:Cupid knocking at the door.

Sabiansumbol Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS8:Rocks and things forming therein.

SAGITTARIUS9:A mother with her children on stairs.

sabian symbol image Sagittarius10

SAGITTARIUS10:A golden-haired goddess of opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS11:The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple.

sabiansymbol sagitarius12

SAGITTARIUS12:A flag that turns into an eagle that crows.

SAGITTARIUS13:A widow’s past brought to light.

SAGITTARIUS14:The Pyramids and the Sphinx.

sabian symbo image Sagittarius15

SAGITTARIUS15:The ground hog looking for its shadow.

SAGITTARIUS16:Sea gulls watching a ship.

SAGITTARIUS17:An Easter sunrise service.

SAGITTARIUS18:Tiny children in sunbonnets.

SAGITTARIUS19:Pelicans moving their habitat.

SAGITTARIUS20:Men cuttting through ice.

SAGITTARIUS21:A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.

sabian symbol image Sagittarius22

SAGITTARIUS22:A Chinese laundry.

sabian symbo image Sagittarius23

SAGITTARIUS23:Immigrants entering.

SAGITTARIUS24:A bluebird standing at the door of the house.

サビアンシンボル射手座25 sabian symbo image Sagittarius25

SAGITTARIUS25:A chubby boy on a hobby-horse.

SAGITTARIUS26:A flag-bearer.

SAGITTARIUS27:A sculptor.

SAGITTARIUS28:An old bridge over a beautiful stream.

SAGITTARIUS29:A fat boy mowing the lawn.



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